Przegląd Techniczny 26.2016


Przeglad Techniczny on “How to enter global markets like GeniCore”?


Market Entry Strategy

GeniCore was established in 2012 and evidences the fulfillment of dreams of students, who successfully operate in the real business. The company uses protected, patent pending inventions, which are used to manufacture innovative composite materials used in various industries. One of the main products of GeniCore are innovative device PPC (Pulse Plasma Compaction) to sintering of powder materials, dedicated to research and development centers, production companies that use powder metallurgy in their manufacturing processes and research and development; and an innovative composite DEC (diamond enhanced cemented carbide).


- In both areas, we see great potential for further development, related to, among others, the development of applications using DEC, such as metal and wood processing, concrete and ceramics drilling, shale gas, mineral extraction, milling of asphalt. DEC thanks to the "combination" of a reinforcing phase with a binder phase provides its users with many benefits and advantages, among others, long lifetime of cutting tools, high resistance to chipping and impacts and processing of hard materials – explains Ph.D. Eng. Martin Rosinski, MBA graduate, president and CEO of GeniCore Sp. z o.o.


He also adds that the way of distributing and selling products implemented in GeniCore involves a close collaboration with current and prospective users of products, whose strategy is to build close relations, active participation in the projects application tests, acquire skills and competences for international development using the patent protection. In 2013, the key solutions used in the device PPC have been notified to the Patent Office, and a year later the international patent was awarded. Moreover, patents for an invention important in the EU, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Russia and the United States are underway.


Patents are of course very important. However, in order to benefit from them, the company has to deal on the international market. And this may be supported by the national programme GO_GLOBAL.PL organized by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) announced in July, 2015. In which, 173 applications were submitted for funding within the competition no. 1. Entrepreneurs can use them to prepare world market entry strategy and acquire knowledge about matching their products to the specific requirements of a particular region. What is more, they can also develop and verify the strategy in relations with potential investors and business partners.


In October 15, NCBR announced results of the competition, where 41 best projects were selected. The beneficiaries will receive funding of nearly PLN 6 million. Among them there is GeniCore’s project entitled “Strategy of commercialization of the company’s technology on the German market as a stage of global expansion.”


- The aim of the project is to develop with a German partner, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy MOEZ, the strategy of PPC technology commercialization, its development on the German market, as well as the verification of the adopted strategy. The result of the cooperation will be a synthetic plan of the marketing strategy in Germany and communication with clients and investors from Germany. This will expand the network of business contacts. Moreover, the cooperation will also assist in the identification and validation of capabilities to run businesses and technological partnerships in Germany - the president of GeniCore explains the role of partner. Furthermore, he adds that the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Center was established in Germany during the implementation of the project SIMS (Science Infrastructure Management Support) organized by the National Center for Research and Development. The purpose was to train the participants in the management of research infrastructure in institutions such as IBM, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Max Planck Institute and the Technical University in Dresden. The Project Manager was Martyna Kozłowska-Żukowska.

On November  30, the representatives of Fraunhofer MOEZ and GeniCore discussed the plan of action. The launch of the project is planned in February 2016.


For more information about the company GeniCore and products, please go to profile at LinkedIN