NIMS – GeniCore meeting

On October 29, 2016, GeniCore with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), JAPAN had the meeting. NIMS was reprezented by Dr. Yoshio Sakka, Unit Director, Advanced Materials Processing Unit, NIMS.

Representatives from NIMS and GeniCore  (Dr. Marcin Rosinski and Damian Matewski) were discussing the potential  areas of cooperation and the way of atracting of Japaneese companies of the SPS’s type technologies. Dr. Marcin Rosinski presented the newest technology, developed by GeniCore, dedicated for sintering powder materials – U-FAST (upgraded Field Assisted Sintering Technology). The U-FAST technology has been developed based on the structure of the leading PPC (Pulse Plasma Compaction) system offered by GeniCore, that has already been implemented in the requiring Japanese market. U-FAST system offers unique combination, compared to the other SPS solutions, of high vacuum processing chamber and innovative pulse power supply with the shortest electric pulses (below 1 ms), unavailable in the competitive solutions. Such a combination of parameters allow for producing sintered materials with better utility properties.