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"Magazyn Przemysłowy" published an article where mentioned the cooperation between Siemens and GeniCore:,10550,1



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„Rzeczpospolita” has published an article about PPC technology and DEC (diamond enhanced cemented carbide):









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The German magazine DER KONSTRUKTEUR 4/2017 published an article about PPC technology. The PPC device is equipped with the most modern technical solutions. This enables both industry and the research sector to gain the perspective of producing innovative materials. This makes the entrepreneurs to comprehensively plan the production process. PPC has huge potential to revolutionize the sintering market, making it more accessible and commonplace especially for the industrial sector. MORE




Festo. Trends in automation magazine: As hard as a diamond

One of the main GeniCore's products is PPC device (Pulse Plasma Compaction) which can be used for sintering of powder materials. In order to obtain sinters with repeatable parameters the technological parameters, at different stages of the sintering process, must be continuously monitored and archived. A PLC system from FESTO enables controlling various system components of PPC device. MORE




Time for Polska: Warsaw University of Technology graduates invent technologies that enhance the sintering process

Engineers in Warsaw have developed sintering machines that will produce composite materials to be used in multiple industries around the world.

The publication targets opinion leaders, diplomats and business representatives worldwide. Its goal is to present success stories of companies with Polish DNA that bring value to the world. MORE



“Newest technology of sintering materials for the tool industry and the automotive”

Traditional sintering technologies, may soon go out of date. All thanks to a new PPC (Pulse Plasma Compaction) technique, which delighted the already demanding Japanese market. The innovative device using powder technology, is designed to produce a wide range of materials with unique characteristics, used in many areas of the economy. Compared to traditional techniques - this method is fast and efficient. MORE