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Poland’s innovations: stepping into the future.
GeniCore specialises in the systems designed for synthesis of innovative materials. Their latest solution has attracted interest among global players in such sectors as medicine, electronics and aeronautics.The solution will be soon applied,inter alia, in manufacturing spaceship propulsion components, satellites, pacemakers and CT scanners.

"Magazyn Przemysłowy" published an article where mentioned the cooperation between Siemens and GeniCore:,10550,1










"SIEMENS” has posted GeniCore U-FAST solution:








"SIEMENS” has published an article about GeniCore:







„Rzeczpospolita” has published an article about PPC technology and DEC (diamond enhanced cemented carbide):









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„INNPoland” has published an article about GeniCore technology:,koniec-z-halasem-firma-z-konstancina-znalazla-sposob-na-sasiada-z-wiertarka



The German magazine DER KONSTRUKTEUR 4/2017 published an article about PPC technology. The PPC device is equipped with the most modern technical solutions. This enables both industry and the research sector to gain the perspective of producing innovative materials. This makes the entrepreneurs to comprehensively plan the production process. PPC has huge potential to revolutionize the sintering market, making it more accessible and commonplace especially for the industrial sector. MORE