Seminar at the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (ITME)

Ph.D., Eng. Marcin Rosinski delivered a lecture entitled ”U-FAST upgraded Field Assisted Sintering Technology” in ITME (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology). During the presentation, Ph.D., Eng. Marcin Rosinski introduced the differences between the sintering technologies:  HP (Hot Pressing), HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) and conventional methods. He presented issues concerning the bases and the application of innovative PPC technology. He also presented the first Polish device for sintering - U-FAST (upgraded Field Assisted Sintering Technology) and the main areas of GeniCore activity.

New U-FAST device possesses exceptional features:

An original method of  heating the material up which uses a unique shape of an electrical pulse makes it possible to design and produce innovative, materials with designed features.


One of many advantages of U-FAST are the following:

  • Multi-point temperature measurement in the full range from 0 to 2500°C using pyrometers and thermocouples
  • Highly efficient hydraulic system
  • User-friendly and intuitive system of the visualisation of the process
  • Possibility of controlling and registering the whole process with the use of an integrated HD camera


U-FAST is the only device on the market which makes it possible to go through the process in high vacuum. Thanks to that, it can be used to produce advanced, complex materials, including nanomaterials.