Innovator of Mazovia

GeniCore the most innovative young company in Mazovia

GeniCore awarded the title of “Innowator Mazowsza” (Innovator of Mazovia). On November 28rd 2016 the final gala of the “Innovator of Mazovia” competition was held. The award given to GeniCore was in the form of a statuette and as well as a 25 000 PLN .

Government  of Mazovia Region promotes companies that offer innovative products and modern technological solutions. The award of the "Innovator of Mazovia" is a prestigious a distinction awarded to unique solutions in the field of science and business.

GeniCore the most innovative young company in Mazovia according to the jury of the competition "Innowator Mazowsza" organized by Marshal of the Mazovia Voivodeship. The winner, GeniCore is a technology company that specializes in innovative sintering methods of composite materials and has the ambition to become a world leader in this area. The main GeniCore’s products are innovative PPC device, used for the sintering of powder materials, and innovative composite DEC (diamond enhanced cemented carbide). In both of these products GeniCore sees high potential for further development, related to, among others, the development of innovative composite applications using DEC.