WaterJet nozzle

durable water jet nozzleNanocrystallline solid materials, due to their special structure, are often characterised by different properties, both physical (specific heat, thermal expansion, Curie temperature, etc.) and mechanical (strength, hardness, resistance to wear and erosion, etc.) as compared to conventional materials. One of the technologies for producing these materials is powder metallurgy, in which to achieve densification of the powders, the following techniques are used: free sintering, hot pressing, or hot iso-static pressing.

In the conventional powder technology, for the sintering of powders, sintering with simultaneous pressing is usually used. Sintering the powder in these processes occurs by diffusive transportation of the mass between the particles of the concentrated powder in the areas of contact, usually in the presence of a regulator, or of other substances, which assist in the destruction process of the oxide barriers hindering the diffusion. Due to the necessity of prolonged exposure to heat, these processes generally result in grain growth and loss of unique characteristics resulting from a nanocrystalline structure.

GeniCore solutions allow the preparation of nanocrystalline materials of high hardness and an increased resistance to abrasion. This goal is achieved both through the proper selection of the composition of the material (the possibility of using materials with, or without, a binding phase) and the use of GeniCore’s methods of sintering, which allow for a significant reduction of the unfavourable grain growth, thereby stopping the loss of unique properties, resulting from the nanocrystalline structure.