Construction & Stone

diamond drill bitIn the tool market, there are many different types of drills called "diamond drills". However, unlike the carbide-tipped drill (with a tip made of sintered carbide), complex cutting edges do not appear, only the diamond segments located at the edge of the tube. The diamond segments are metallic-sintered, in which the metallic matrix consists of low melting metal alloys, usually bronze. In these sinters, the combination of diamond particles with the matrix is usually mechanical in nature.

As part of its research work, GeniCore compiled a comparative analysis of the materials available on the market, destined for, among others, the edges of drills for making holes in natural stones like granite and marble, and in ceramic plates of gres types, with increased resistance to abrasion.

GeniCore solutions indicate that it is possible to significantly increase the durability of drills – by one hundred percent, whilst reducing the time needed for making the holes. GeniCore’s solution does not require the use of an impact in the drilling process, as the DEC-type diamond tools (diamond enhanced cemented carbide) do not require refrigeration as opposed to competing solutions.