diamond in industrial applications

The materials used for the blades of cutting tools should have a number         of features to ensure their high durability. The most important of these are:

  •      high strength,
  •      hardness and resistance to dynamic loads and fracture-cracking
  •      high chemical resistance.


Materials that partly meet the above requirements are sintered carbides, produced by powder metallurgy methods. The characteristic microstructure of these materials, consisting of hard elements of carbides of tungsten, titanium, and the ductile binder cobalt phase, allows for the combination of opposite characteristics in a single material, high abrasion resistance, and hardness with high strength and good fracture-cracking toughness. The abrasive wear resistance of these materials can be significantly enhanced by replacing the part of the carbide aspect. The introduction of a high-hardness element (several times harder) to this type of composite will increase, significantly, the abrasion wear resistance, and the cobalt binder phase ensures adequate toughness of the composite.