not FAST__U-FASTRecent years have showed significant developments in the methods of sintering by activated electric field. These methods allow to perform the sintering process in a very short period of time from a few to several minutes, thus reducing the unfavourable grain growth in the consolidated material. In these techniques the sintering process is performed at a uniaxial pressure.

In U-FAST sintering method (Upgraded Field Assisted Sintering Technology) the energy source is the impulse power supply with the operating voltage similar to techniques of FAST/SPS type and with impulse duration shorter than in the solutions previously used on the market. GeniCore solutions in the U-FAST method allow to benefit from the advantages of short current impulses, while eliminating the capacitor battery circuit and the spark gap of low stability in a circuit of energy supply.

U-FAST technology is associated with the production of impulses of minimum duration and amplitude of the adjusted number of these pulses, forming a bundleof pulses and adjustable time interval between these bundles. The modular design of the impulse power supply U-FAST allows the continuous operation, even in the event of failure of one of the modules.