PPC pulse plasma compactionPPC (Pulse Plasma Compaction) is a device for sintering a broad group of powder materials with a precise and quick adjustment of the temperature in the sintering process. This equipment is intended for the application to the sintered set of high and narrow current impulses repeated at a high frequency, whilst ensuring a long duration of the high-current electronic key in the capacitors’ battery discharge circuit. One of the factors behind the usage of the high-current electronic keys is the formation of rectangular impulses with the duration of several hundred microseconds and adjustable amperage already for several kA. The possibility of forming current impulses cannot be reached using other well-known semiconductor connectors or mechanical switches, which use oscillatory discharge of the battery - the amplitude of each successive half is smaller and cannot be controlled/monitored, so the value of the supplied energy is variable.

One of the GeniCore solutions used in the PPC device:

  •     rectangular impulses,
  •     equal amplitude,
  •     the same energy, 
  •     The ability to control by the shape of the impulse through signal controlling the work of the electronic key  - battery discharge - fading oscillating course vs. rectangular,
  •     rectangular course - impossible to obtain with other mechanical and semiconductor switches.