CFRP composite

Carbon Fibre Reinforced PolymerCFRP composite (Carbon - Fibre – Reinforced - Polymer)

Composite materials machining (fibre-reinforced) involves the increased use of composite materials, more and more. This is especially noticeable in the aviation, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. This poses special requirements for the machining methods. Particular emphasis is placed on 

the strength of the tools and the quality of the machined surface, where the main problem is the delamination of the composite.


The tool material that can be used in many machining applications (drills, milling cutters, roto files) is based on a composite carbide diamond - DEC (diamond-enhanced cemented carbide). Its impact resistance, combined with a high degree of hardness, guarantees good-quality performance. The opportunity of applying the appropriate geometry ensures the quality of the surface after machining.


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