36th Hagener Symposjum FPM

Dear Sir or Madam,


On behalf of GeniCore I would like to invite you to visit our stand at the 36th Hagener Symposium, which will last from 30.11 to 01.12.2017. I will be pleased to present our high innovative  technology U-FAST - the first on the market modular device in SPS technology. This is the most innovative technological solutions, because GeniCore has always challenged to create new standards at the high quality sintering. The fastest impulses on the market, used at U-FAST, high efficiency and all sintering parameters under control create the best environment for sintered powders (metals, ceramics, cermetals, intermetallic compounds)

GeniCore as a material engineering-based company provides unique sintering technologies for a variety of innovative materials and applications. As it is its highest priority, GeniCore works to produce groundbreaking inventions in order to deliver competitive advantage for customer applications. Our "Genius at the core" products and technologies are tailor-made for your specific needs.

We are willing to start the close collaboration and partnerships, evaluate  the needs at the new materials, deliver samples for application validation.


Yours faithfully

Eng. Natalia Gałązka